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Jocko Go energy drink review.

Energy drinks are everywhere nowadays. Most of them are high in caffeine and packed with ingredients our bodies don't necessarily agree with.

Sugar, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and 2 cups of coffee's worth of caffeine are just a few reasons to think twice before popping the top.

Most of us are aware of how bad these drinks are for our bodies, but we drank them anyway because we need that carbonated caffeine boost. I have been guilty of this myself for many years now.

I never thought to do any research to see if there were any healthier alternatives out there. Fortunately, thanks to a podcast, I heard about Jockofuel and their energy drinks.

In my experience, the geniuses at Jockofuel have created one of the best energy drinks out there today. They combine caffeine from natural sources, essential vitamins, and just a small amount of monk fruit extract with a hint of flavor to create an excellent energy drink that actually tastes pretty darn good.

You will notice a difference in how you feel after drinking these for just a few days. I personally didn't experience any crashes, even on the days when I drank two of them throughout the day.

After drinking these drinks for a week or so I actually tried to drink one of my old favorites. It was difficult. The taste was off-putting, which is due to all the artificial sweeteners they crammed in there.

Jocko Go is everything I could want in an energy drink, and they have a wide variety of flavors to suit anyone's tastebuds.

I have tried Citrus Psycho, Tropic Thunder, After-burner Orange, and Mango Mayham. All of them tasted great, but my favorite so far has been the Tropic Thunder, which is pineapple/coconut flavored.

They provide me an excellent boost of energy and focus when I need it to work out, train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or when I just need a mental boost to focus on a project.

There are not many companies out there that I fully trust. But Jockofuel is definitely a company that I can get behind one hundred percent. So just take action and order a pack. You won't regret it.

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